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Our Team

Colin Ford

While he originally hails from New Zealand, Colin's career path has seen him rack up the air miles and build a wealth of global experience. He is an experienced brand director with over 50 years of working in the industry. Working as the Education Direction for L'Oreal Professionnel (13 years as the Director of Education and Events for L'Oreal Professionnel Canada in Montreal, followed by two years as International Director of Education, L'Oreal Professionnel International, Paris France).

After a career spent globetrotting, Colin found himself thinking of home during a visit to Kelowna. There was something about the rolling hills and mild climate that reminded him of his native New Zealand. Before long, he'd made the big move and hasn't looked back. 

Colin’s career highlight thus far was joining the New Zealand Team and representing New Zealand at the World Championships of Hairdressing and coaching twice. As well as becoming the International Director of Education for L'Oreal Professionnel in Paris, France. The City of Lights is about as far as a person can get from rural New Zealand (both literally and figuratively,) but it had always been Colin's dream, and to achieve this was no mean feat.

Though Colin specializes in the fundamentals of hair care, he's equally at home crafting a stylish makeover, updating an existing look, or even creating something new when it's time for a change. Building relationships with his guests is always important to him, “as you need someone’s trust to truly discover their true personality and to have them trust to give them what I know to be the right look and colour.”

When Colin is not in the salon he loves to dance as well as get out into nature. Walking through the trails in Rose Valley Regional Park, which is minutes from his house, allows him to constantly reconnect with nature. And of course, there is no better activity than spending time with his three grandchildren.

Favourite wine: “Californian Zinfandel”

Favourite song:  “Ordinary Human, OneRepublic”

A moment where a service noticeably empowered or boosted the confidence of one of your guests: “Many women feel that as they get older that they are a lost cause, especially if they have recently gone through a separation/divorce. Last year, I took a woman who had long grey curly hair and did a makeover. Shorter, a new colour, she looked 10 years younger and the positive feedback from her family and friends made her feel attractive again.”

Chloe Bradeen

For as long as Chloe Bradeen can remember, she has had an affinity for all things hair. Creative, versatile, and passionate about her craft, Chloe has
been able to established herself as a successful Kelowna hair stylist over the past 4 years.

Chloe has experience with cuts, colouring, extensions and styling. Her specialty is in blonding services and loves the challenge of colour corrections. Working on long
transformations is a favourite of Chloe’s as it enables her to be creative and express her
talent as well as her skills. Chloe will spend as much time as it takes during your consultation to ensure you are excited and thrilled with the outcome. Chloe will use her
knowledge and clear communication to achieve the hair of your dreams!

When she’s not behind the chair, Chloe can be found spending time with family and friends. She loves thrifting to create unique fashion looks, cooking and doing anything

Lindsay Brown

Originally from Kelowna BC, Lindsay began her journey in her early 20’s. She relocated to Vancouver BC to complete her apprenticeship along with two years of work experience, and went on to advance her education and explore different avenues at the Aveda Institute. 

Lindsay's dedication to the pursuit of knowledge has seen her regularly attend classes. Over the next eight years, Lindsay dove head-first into countless cutting, colouring, and business classes. Opening her eyes to a diverse selection of techniques, which have allowed her creativity and inspiration to keep flowing.

With family and a fresh start beckoning in Kelowna, Lindsay reconnected with Loyal and found her professional home.

“Within moments of our initial conversation, I was drawn to Loyal Hair and haven’t looked back.

“Now ten years in the industry, and moving forward, I will continue with my ongoing education, hair shows to ignite my inspiration and networking events. I will forever be learning, and am excited to see where the next years take me!”

Having worked under Colin and Loyal for over two years, Lindsay has gained a firm grasp on the “numbers side” of the hair industry. She has learned the ability to set targets and goals, understanding the average hair stats in the country or world, and knowing how to take herself to the next step financially, is something that she will forever be grateful for learning from them.

Lindsay specializes in women’s short haircuts and creating beautiful blondes. She loves short haircuts because they are unique and customizable to each of her guests. Something as small as the length or density of a small layer can provide a drastic change to someone’s face shape.

Blonde colouring is also a passion of hers. She loves creating different contrasts, blends, and tones with a plethora of colours to create from.

When Lindsay is not at the salon you can find her at her local gym!

Favourite wine: “The kind in the bottle. (I’m not a picky gal.)”

Favourite song:  “Songs so embarrassing that I have to roll up windows at red lights so the person beside me doesn’t hear it.”

A moment where a service noticeably empowered or boosted the confidence of one of your guests: 

“A shy, timid gal visited my chair and during our consultation, she barely made eye contact with herself in the mirror. She constantly looked down and bowed her head to avoid seeing herself.

After a beautiful blonding service and new trendy cut, I pulled out the double mirror and said to her “don’t you love it?!”. Instantly, a huge smile came across her face. She turned beet red and said, ‘I don’t even recognize myself’.

“This isn’t even the best part... The salon I worked at the time, the entire exterior wall of the building was a mirror reflection, but from the inside, we could all see outside to the public.

After she had paid and was leaving the salon, I watched her as she exited and walked past the long mirror wall. For the next 30 feet, she stared and smiled at herself as she walked to her bus stop. She looked pretty damn empowered.”

Audrey Wittmann

Born and raised in Kelowna, Audrey knew from an early age she wanted to work as a stylist. As a close family friend of Loyal, she saw the fulfilment he received from helping his clients and decided she’d love to follow in his footsteps. Loyal noticed this passion and encouraged her to pursue her dreams and fulfill her potential.

For Audrey, seeing her clients view themselves in a different light sends her home happy at the end of the day. She sees the potential in her work for helping others feel beautiful and more confident, and there’s nothing she loves more than empowering her clients to live their best lives.

When she’s not bringing #hairgoals to life, Audrey loves spending time with friends and family, In fact, you can probably find her on a boat or the Craft patio with Amber!

Favourite wine: “Rosé.”

Favourite song: “Anything Morgan Wallen.”

A moment where a service noticeably empowered or boosted the confidence of one of your guests: “Many different experiences come to mind but one that sticks out is when a sweet, shy woman came in feeling like she wasn’t herself anymore. She had been through a lot emotionally and felt like she had given up on herself. I helped her embrace her greys by adding some blonde to blend it and gave her a fresh cut. Throughout the appointment, I gave her tips for her styling routine and let her try out some techniques on herself. By the end of the service, her attitude had completely changed, she told me she was no longer embarrassed by the woman staring back at her in the mirror and couldn’t stop smiling. It’s these kinds of experiences that make me love what I do! ”

Flora Kim

Flora was born and raised in South Korea and has always had a keen eye for beauty. While travelling abroad she came across hair styles that she had not seen in Korea before such as; balayage, highlights, natural curls and she became fascinated.

Flora then made the big move to Vancouver in 2017 to pursue her dream of a career in hairstyling. After graduating from Vancouver Community College’s hair styling course, she continued to build her knowledge and skills at a salon in Vancouver for the past several years. While in Vancouver, Flora gained experience working with all types of hair from fine to course, light to dark, and straight to curly.

After making another big move to Kelowna in 2021, Flora is excited to join team Loyal.

Flora is committed to listening and understanding her clients to achieve hairstyles that suit their personality and lifestyle. An experience in her chair includes haircare and styling tips to maintain that fresh look each day at home. Flora enjoys doing little to big transformations, dimensional colours and perms.

When Flora is not at the salon, she can be found in Kelowna looking for fun things to do around the city.

Favourite wine: "White or whatever you offer me :)"

Favourite song: "Songs that make me dance."

A moment where a service noticeably empowered or boosted the confidence of one of your guests: "At times I have guests in my chair who don’t know what to do with their hair and they put it in a ponytail all the time. We work together on a solution and when we find a style they feel confident and comfortable with, they feel empowered and I feel empowered as a stylist. Great hair will always brighten your day."

Shannon Barrie

Having grown up in Fernie, BC and shortly after graduating high school, Shannon was eager to exchange small-town life for the big city! She spent the next 15 years in Alberta, graduating from hair school and dedicating most of her time developing professionally and nurturing her passion for hair.

Shannon’s favourite thing about being a stylist is to bring people’s hair visions to life and make them feel good about themselves. She loves teaching her guests how to achieve great looking hair at home and to maintain their hair as healthy as possible.

Shannon specializes in creating beautiful blondes.

Shannon is blessed with 2 children and was was able to stay at home to raise them. Now she is back BC for the next chapter in her life – kids in school, Mom back to work doing what she loves – and is so excited to set down roots here and call the beautiful Okanagan home!

When not at the salon, she is with her beautiful family usually doing something in nature. Her first concert was an outdoor CCR concert, so they are often on my playlist, as well as soft piano, guitar, or jazz in the evening. I recently started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons, and plan on achieving my black belt! Living so close to Lake Country, my favourite winery is Arrow Leaf…. but put any glass of white in my hand and I’m happy.

Amber Wimbleton

Originally hailing from across the pond (England to be precise), Amber found herself looking for a role where she could boost her customer service skills while also learning the tricks of the trade in marketing and social media.

Fate would have it she found Loyal’s ad and, well, the rest is history!

Amber quickly became a valued member of the team, and it’s been a pleasure seeing her expand her skill set and achieve great things.

When she’s not brightening clients’ day, Amber can be found spending time with family and friends outdoors, preferably on a boat or the Craft patio.

Favourite wine: “A sweet rosé.”

Favourite song: “The way I loved you ~ Taylor swift or anything Luke Combs.”

A moment where a service noticeably empowered or boosted the confidence of one of your guests: “I love seeing people walk out of the salon with a smile. ”